Managing Motherhood

About a month ago I started to feel unsettled with my current life. Don’t get me wrong – I am GRATEFUL for the amazing life I have. My husband works insanely hard so I don’t have to work full-time. My kids are healthy, happy and fun. I am healthy, active and busy. So what the […]

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update: the wildlings

I’m the worst blogger on the planet. I feel like Garth from Wayne’s World when he’s testing out the “Suck and Cut.” When he tests out the appliance, hilarity follows as the experiment goes awry and he screams, “MAKE IT STOP! IT’S SUCKING MY WILL TO LIVE.” ellie turns SIX months this month. What? Where have […]

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six months.

Jack turned 6 months old last week and we cannot believe how fast time with him is flying by! He is such a joyful boy and we can already see flashes of his adventurous and happy personality. I’m still hunting for my cable to upload pictures from our fancy camera (and we have a ton), […]

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