Ramsey Renovation – Part 2

Sorry this is delayed — been working tirelessly to finish the details of the project (which ironically took infinitely longer to complete than the major demolition). The reality show enthusiastically requested a demo video. We made Caralyn film it on our iPhone last minute so we could quickly send them a lame video of us talking […]

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Ramsey Renovation

If you follow me on instagram, you know that my life is full of babies, work and home renovations. Which is why I am currently a terrible blogger. Oh, and home renovation reality show was just filmed at our house last week? So, I think that’s a fair excuse. The prep work getting into that […]

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worst blogger ever.

Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. Clearly, my priorities are askew. We moved. Started renovating like crazy. Ellie turned one. Still renovating. I work a lot. Still renovating. Josh travels a lot. We renovate. That’s life right now! Our biggest project – the guest house – is almost […]

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I am currently in purgatory. You know, the place in-between heaven and hell? Yeah. Currently, sitting in a gorgeous apartment with stuff still sitting in my old house. Still in the same city, thank God, but still a huge pain. Especially with a toddler and a Great Dane. I basically scramble around trying to figure […]

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Spencer Pratt loves Pinterest.

Let’s get real. Pinterest is dumb. Like, seriously. It’s a giant waste of time. You beg for a membership. They put you on a waiting list to make it seem that much better, because the anticipatory build up is the best part. Then, you stalk friends and family through the things they post trying to […]

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death to gift registries

so, i’m slowly trekking along in my pregnancy and the only two things my husband is excited about are gifts and boobs. let me start this by saying that i hate registries because they overwhelm me and people buy you whatever the hell they want to buy you anyways. i thought it was pointless at […]

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So, I hate remodeling. I mean, I HATE remodeling things.  It makes me anxious and cranky to have crap lying around my house with unfinished projects left on the to-do list. I really wish I could channel my inner Samantha from Bewitched and wiggle my nose just right and BAM- hard wood floors installed.  Alas, […]

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