Ramsey Renovation – Part 2

Sorry this is delayed — been working tirelessly to finish the details of the project (which ironically took infinitely longer to complete than the major demolition). The reality show enthusiastically requested a demo video. We made Caralyn film it on our iPhone last minute so we could quickly send them a lame video of us talking […]

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Ramsey Renovation

If you follow me on instagram, you know that my life is full of babies, work and home renovations. Which is why I am currently a terrible blogger. Oh, and home renovation reality show was just filmed at our house last week? So, I think that’s a fair excuse. The prep work getting into that […]

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worst blogger ever.

Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. Clearly, my priorities are askew. We moved. Started renovating like crazy. Ellie turned one. Still renovating. I work a lot. Still renovating. Josh travels a lot. We renovate. That’s life right now! Our biggest project – the guest house – is almost […]

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The cult of CrossFit.

I love working out. Always have, always will. In an effort to do things together, my rock star husband will work out with me. He comes to my fitness classes, always standing in the front or grabbing the spin bike nearest me. He cheers, he hoots, he hollers, he whines, he complains, he hobbles around […]

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Josh kept me around another year.

Yesterday, sweet Spencer Pratt & I celebrated six years of wedded bliss. We took Jack to my parents’ house, where my mom’s favorite game is and always will be “What’s Been the Best Thing About Being Married” game. He could’ve said, “Well, being married to Hannah is like being in ‘Dante’s Inferno.’ You think you’re […]

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Quarter of a Century.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I turned 25 on Monday. This means I have Alzheimer’s already and they don’t have internet in the nursing home Spencer Pratt shipped me off to live. I can remember being 17, graduating from high school and thinking, “When I’m 25 I’ll get married. Then by 27 have my […]

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28 is great.

Josh turned 28 yesterday and Jack and I spent the week celebrating our favorite guy with lots of good food, tattoos, and friends. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he excitedly exclaimed, “Another tattoo!” I laughed, and reminded him he’s 28, not 18, but in the end he won and has […]

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SP vs. the Tejano music.

our house is in the middle of the ghetto. my husband claims this isn’t true. he proclaims we are “urban pioneers.” granted, we have an amazing area of local restaurants and shops, including a wine bar with an adjacent bakery & grocery store, and a organic food co-op where we get vegetables and fruit from local […]

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my breast friend.

Warning: in this post I am going to talk about boobs and other stuff. If you hate boobs don’t read this blog. If you don’t like weird things, don’t read this blog. I am turning into a hippy momma and La Leche says I can talk about (and publicly show) boobies any time I want […]

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