Ramsey Renovation

If you follow me on instagram, you know that my life is full of babies, work and home renovations. Which is why I am currently a terrible blogger.

Oh, and home renovation reality show was just filmed at our house last week? So, I think that’s a fair excuse. The prep work getting into that was extensive and stressful. But we survived. And Josh and I managed to stay happily married. We knew staying married would be possible considering the fire we’ve walked through together these past eight year, but doing so without losing an eyeball or a limb would be more challenging.

The question I get asked all the time is: “How did you get on a TV show?!”

First of all, don’t act so surprised. Have you met me? I’m made for reality TV. Drama is my middle name.

But seriously, this is the email I sent to the network.

“Good morning!

My name is Hannah and I was sent a link to apply for a spot on your home renovations show. My husband, Josh, and I recently bought a giant fixer-upper in the heart of Dallas, Texas in an up and coming area called “Bishop Arts District.” This area in Oak Cliff used to be known for it’s gang activity, poor neighborhoods and Lee Harvey Oswald’s famous run after the JFK assassination. Now it’s growing into a beautiful, trendy area full of local shops, artists and great coffee. We want to be an active part of urban development so we chose to live here. We still have a German Shepherd just in case, though…
I am 27 years old. Josh is 30. We’ve been married for EIGHT freaking years. We have two small children – Jack (3) and Ellie (1). I am a trauma/ER nurse at a major trauma center here in Dallas, and Josh works in revenue management. We say the key to marriage is either moving or getting knocked up frequently to keep it adventurous and exciting (totally joking – it’s obviously lots of wine and sex). We’re really just two young kids, raising two young kids in the heart of the Bible belt with a two-year-old who loves to say the word “shit.”
Our house is a monster. Built back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, this beast is 3500 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. That’s right. It’s completely non-sensical. Each bathroom is attached to a bedroom (one is next to the office/guest room) and are so small you can literally sit on the toilet and pee in the shower. Obviously, the project list is endless. We just gutted the pool house and converted it into a complete one-bedroom apartment. Major detailed project is creating a master suite: 
– Combining two bedrooms upstairs into one master suite with a master bathroom and walk-in closet.
– The laundry room, adjacent to the area, isn’t a functional space, and would be included in the renovation.

– Walls need to be knocked out, doors need to be placed differently.

– Full bathroom renovation

– New sheetrock, insulation, painting, trim, doors. Basically, all new aesthetics.

– Refinishing hardwood floors.

– (POSSIBLY) Adding a second-story deck outside of the master suite to overlook pool and backyard.

We estimate that this project length should take about 3-4 months, depending on what curveballs life throws our way (i.e., new child or real-life job situations). I have a personal deadline of “No new children until master suite is complete.” Since we’d like to have our children close together so we can get them out of the house faster, we’d like to complete this project ASAP.

Our DIY skills are endless. By “our”, I mean “his.” Josh can do everything. I am incredibly skilled in the areas of delegation, nagging and guilt trips. His dad is a licensed contractor in Houston who consults and helps frequently. As stated, we just finished building a full one-bedroom apartment out of a rotting pool house. This included installing electricity, plumbing, irrigation (to prevent future rotting), A/C and heating, full kitchen, etc. We previously owned another home in Bishop Arts where we did some major renovations. Completely renovated the bathroom, installed new hardwood floors, built a deck outside, etc.,
here is a link to a full blog post about his bathroom renovationhttp://www.calfinder.com/blog/bathroom-remodel/joshs-bathroom-makeover
here is my blog post complaining about the remodeling:
Hope to hear from you soon!”
So, we received an enthusiastic response in less than 12 hours and that’s the beginning of our story on reality television. I’ll blog more about the actual project tomorrow, with pictures. Today, I’m actually just excited I blogged.

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