worst blogger ever.

Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. Clearly, my priorities are askew. We moved. Started renovating like crazy. Ellie turned one. Still renovating. I work a lot. Still renovating. Josh travels a lot. We renovate. That’s life right now!

Our biggest project – the guest house – is almost completely done. We still have some finishing touches to do (i.e., clean paint off the floors that the painter left, clear out all the trash from the driveway, finish painting exterior, etc). When we think we’re done, we find something else to do. It’s like an endless maze of projects. Josh comes home from work, I go to my sanctuary of CrossFit, come home and put kids to bed and he starts back at his projects. We had to demolish a bathroom to run plumbing to the guest house. The bathroom is still unfinished and slightly terrifying. I picture Jigsaw from Saw chaining people to the plumbing exterior in this bathroom. We painted the entire downstairs. From a hodgepodge of awful colors, to a neutral grey throughout the entire downstairs. If you look at everything that needs to be done, it can overwhelm you to the point of wanting to give up. But if you picture one project at a time being completed, it’s seems manageable and actually feasible. Josh is good at keeping things in perspective and this will probably be the key to making this whole damn thing successful. Did I mention we have a pool? This is also excellent.

Regardless of the status of our bathroom, Josh and I are still married and our children are still alive.

these are the photos josh sends me. he has a death wish.
these are the photos josh sends me. he has a death wish.

Ellie turned 1. It’s weird to think that last year we were in a different house with a newborn and a 19-month-old toddler. I don’t think I’ve slept much this whole year. I blinked and Jack was potty-trained and doing 40 piece puzzles by himself. Ellie can run everywhere and is slowly, painstakingly getting teeth. She babbles, signs and says several words clearly. They’re amazing, exhausting kids. 

a day later, he threw Harry Pawter into the pool. love-hate relationship.
a day later, he threw Harry Pawter into the pool. love-hate relationship.

Work is always challenging, frustrating and rewarding. ER nursing is ER nursing (amiright?). I went back to part-time hours and enjoy the adult interactions and time in the ER. However, I usually deal with people who think like toddlers, so that makes me feel right at home. “I have bruises and I think I have cancer. My grandma did.” Education continues to the bread and butter of my job, but people rarely listen to me (again, feeling right at home here).

i've been a nurse for 5 years. this is terrifying.
i’ve been a nurse for 5 years. this is terrifying.

Will post details on renovations, birthday parties and child/ER humor eventually.



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