Keeping up with the Ramseys.

This month, Ellie turned 10 months and Jack turned 2 1/2.

Jack pulling Ellie in the wagon. I put him to work early.
Jack pulling Ellie in the wagon. I put him to work early.
people watching at the mall.
people watching at the mall.


– LOVES music and youtube music videos: pentatonix, Daft Punk and Michael Jackson are his favorites.
– Favorite movie: Toy Story. He sleeps with a Buzz and Woody doll. Greets you by saying, “Howdy, Padnah (partner)” and “To Infinity and Beyond!” Refuses to leave them anywhere. We use Woody as a star child. “See, Jack? Woody is eating all his spinach. Woody loves to brush his teeth! Woody uses the potty to go poop.” It works like a charm!
– Has started referring to himself as “the Jack.” Ex. “Don’t touch The Jack.”
– Loves school. Every time I pick him up he talks about playing with his friends, Beau and Saxton. He is learning spanish, and loves to help with chores. He’s good at scrubbing toilets, putting dishes in the sink and picking up toys. It’s awesome. Early slave labor!
– Insists on manners. If you sneeze, he’ll immediately say “Bless you!” and expect you to say “Thank you, Jack” so he can say, “You’re welcome!” Then he’ll fake sneeze about 20x so you have to say “Bless you” and he’ll say “thank you!” and the cycle goes on and on and on. He also will shake your hand and say, “very nice to meet you!” He’ll ask you how you’re doing today, expecting to be asked in return. He always says, “I’m GRAPE! (great)”
– Loves teaching Ellie new things. He thinks it’s fun to teach her new things to sign and he loves touching her hair. He hates when she sleeps and will yell, “WAKE UP ELLIE!” when she’s asleep in the car. Thanks, brah.
Is terrified of spiders, even fake plastic ones. Found this out the hard way. Started a therapy jar for him. #winning



-LOVES all food.
– Prefers drinking out of real cups, hates sippy cups. Don’t.You.Even.Dare.Offer.Her.One.
– Insists giving kisses, really wet sloppy ones.
– Repeats words you say: Night-Night, All-Done, Okay, Hi, etc.
– Great at playing with Jack (grabbing anything he is holding). Wants to be in his business 24/7. He’s patient with her 95% of the time.
– Already walking with assistance. SO close to walking by herself.
– Will unfold and destroy any pile of laundry you’ve folded. She thinks it’s hilarious.
– Is 99% of the time the most chill, happy, laid-back baby on the planet. The other 1%, she’s a royal diva. She’s definitely my sensitive child. Not comfortable with strangers and wants to be held by people she knows. Hates it when anyone is upset and doesn’t even like it when you scowl (oops).

To celebrate their milestones, we decided to MOVE AGAIN! yay! 

Wait, what? Are you nuts? What are you smoking? Didn’t you JUST move?  

Yes. Yes. Nothing good. And, yes. 

Josh and I both sat down about two months ago to talk about our future – what we wanted to be doing, goals for ourselves individually and as a family, projects we wanted to do on current house, etc. I love this current house. It’s beautiful, safe, friendly, warm. It’s been loved in and prayed over by previous families. It was the perfect place to have a new baby last year – a haven. That being said, it’s freaking far from my family. My dad hates Dallas would remind me every time he drove out here just how bad 635 was and that he’d never do it again (635 is horrible and I hate it, too). My kids missed their grandparents. I missed having a life-line reasonably close by. I missed a short commute to work. Josh missed urban development, hipsters, and remodeling. When we said we’d move back to OC, Dr. Doubter got incredibly excited. I’m hoping this means he’ll move back to Texas. Also another amazing reason to move.

So, we made a huge gamble and put our house on the market the last week of February. It was under contract in 48 hours. I don’t even think it made it to Trulia or Zillow. We then found a crazy, awesome house in the OC and made an offer on that. It was another huge gamble because a developer wanted to buy the same house and flip it. I sent an email to buyers through our realtor with a family photo and they accepted our offer over the developer’s. They raised EIGHT children in this monster of a house and wanted it to go to someone else who would raise a family there and plant roots. Fast forward three weeks and we’ve undergone appraisals, inspections, more inspections and it’s finally at the end. We move on Wednesday and close Friday. HA!

House needs work. Josh gets excited about it. I get excited for about five seconds and then I remember how much work it was the first time. Luckily, we have a lot of friends and family who wants to help. And we have great imaginations. So, I’ll continue to imagine the house in a year while we are in the middle of renovations. It’s a huge house – lots of room for more kids, guests, entertaining and room for kids to grow. I will definitely blog about renovations. Our realtor thinks we need our own TV show. I agree. I’m dramatic. Josh isn’t. My kids are cute. Jack is hilarious. C’mon, HGTV!

hello, gorgeous!
hello, gorgeous!
the downstairs needs minimal remodeling. immediately: new bathroom, paint, possible refinishing of floors. eventually: new kitchen
the downstairs needs minimal remodeling. immediately: new guest bathroom, paint, possible refinishing of floors. eventually: new kitchen
this is one of SIX bathrooms. they all need to be updated. Immediately: remodel guest and master bath. Close off four upstairs. Eventually: combine those four bathrooms into two bathrooms (adjoining).
this is one of SIX bathrooms. they all need to be updated. Immediately: remodel guest and master bath. Close off four upstairs. Eventually: combine those four bathrooms into two bathrooms (adjoining).

So, I’m currently procrastinating on packing. House is 90% packed and I’m 100% over it. My family has been amazing, once again. They drop everything to watch babies and pack boxes. Even, Papa Charlie, who hates driving up here. I swear my mom is the most talented person at making something from nothing – she always makes my houses feel like homes instantly. I’m so grateful for our parents. Josh’s parents will be up soon to help with painting, remodeling, plumbing and electricity. I married into the perfect family for a task this big. Everyone is excited and encouraging – we are loved.

Papa Charlie has the right idea. Naps for the win.
Papa Charlie has the right idea. Naps for the win.

So, if you come over to the new house, expect a paintbrush and a bottle of wine. I’ll wine and dine you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, do your laundry, whatever. Just come over and help. (also, jk about the laundry. I can barely do my own).



5 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Ramseys.

  1. This is so wonderful! I am always amazed at how well you write. And I LOVE your babies. Yes, jack is my favorite 2 1/2 yr old. Can’t wait to. Set up new kitchen,

  2. Dear Hannah,

    Three things:

    1. Please never, ever stop blogging. Ever. Like, never.

    2. I am so freakin’ excited for you and your fam and your new house adventure! Not gonna lie: I wanted to be huffy and jealous, because The Husband and I just had a very similar experience with a house (our offer vs. a cash investor, sweet thank-you-please-pick-us note sent to seller, seller accepts our offer), right up until the inspection uncovered that what we thought would be a few thousand dollars’ worth of work was actually tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of work (the big burn: the sellers knew about the issues and didn’t disclose them). BUT I CAN BE EXCITED FOR YOU BECAUSE YOUR STORY HAS A HAPPY ENDING. 🙂 Y’all are gonna have so much fun there!

    3. Charlie is right: 635 is the devil.

    Remain awesome.

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