24 Day Challenge: Week 2



(She’s the perfect CrossFit partner! She hung out for 21-15-9 of dead lifts and sit-ups RX weight of 155# and I finished in 3:29. Then 5×5 back squats at 185. My coach, Kris, carried her around like a little CrossFit princess while he coached. She loved it. )

I survived the baby shower without cake. My mom asked if I could see a difference having accomplished two weeks of no sugar, refined carbs (absolutely zero-gluten) and dairy. Can you see a difference in two weeks? My clothes fit better. I sleep like a rock (this is a bad thing sometimes). My workouts feel easier. I can’t see a difference, but I can feel one. 

The cravings have subsided. I did dream about Starbursts… ew. Really, subconscious brain, that’s the best you could do? I don’t feel the need to bathe in queso. I am completely realistic that this way of eating isn’t sustainable after the 24 days. It’s completely okay to have a cheat meal. It’s acceptable to eat small amounts of dairy. It’s awesome to have raw honey and fruit. I think elimination periods are great. Temporarily. People are funny about the label “Paleo” because they think it’s a trendy, legalistic, unsustainable way of living life. For some people, that’s true. For others – it’s completely life changing. I know people who had health issue after health issue until they eliminated dairy and all grains. Friends with Crohns, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis (to name JUST a few) who feel complete freedom from their disease because of eating paleo. For others, it IS trendy. It’s cool to sip the CrossFit/Paleo Kool-Aid. However, I think the whole idea behind paleo is going back to basics. Eating close to the source. Eliminating anything refined or processed. Discovering what you can tolerate and cannot and moving forward towards a healthier life. If someone told me they were trying a new way of eating to be healthy, in no way would I criticize them for being trendy or hopping on a bandwagon. Instead, I’d rally along side them. Try to learn as much as I can about being healthy. And share knowledge with people in encouraging, uplifting ways. 

Guess what? I ate brown rice last night. My breastmilk supply has TANKED this week. And do you know what was so awesome? I felt completely fine after eating that brown rice AND my supply went up. So don’t paleo-rsecute (see what I did there?) people for making adjustments to their diets where needed. I’M A NURSING ATHLETE, SON. 

Josh gets migraines with gluten. I get GI issues with dairy (and really fat with bread). It’s been really enlightening to look at the food in our lives and how we function without things we LOVE to eat. I jokingly (kinda) say that Josh eats to live and I live to eat. Week two has really helped me view food as fuel – hitting some nice heavy weight in CrossFit has also helped motivate me. If I don’t eat small meals throughout the day, I will chew the tire off my car. It’s been fun doing this with friends. Laughing about how silly it is to be angry about not being able to eat cake (first world probs, am I right?). 

So, here I go into week three! With a much better attitude, perspective and freedom about the food I eat. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. 



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