it’s shameful it’s been over a month since my last blog post. I feel like life (this pregnancy especially) is flying by with so many memories and precious moments as a family of three that I don’t want to lose.

My mom tells me constantly to write these precious moments down to freeze them in time. Reminding me how fast her babies grew and how fast mine will. Being a mother is hard. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting. But daily I stop and remind myself that Jack won’t be this size for much longer so I will gladly trade sleep for time spent reading together or playing in his tent. Times where he kicks his shoes off SOMEWHERE on our way to the park and I have to trek back 5 blocks to find it before we can actually play; his hand reaching for mine so he can lead me to this giant tree house just to count all the stairs we climb together.

We spent some time in San Diego this week, tagging along with Josh as he conquered the business world. Jack and I were able to spend a significant amount of time wandering the city together. On and off trolleys. Walking miles upon miles to see lions and pandas and pet goats and sheep at the San Diego Zoo. Getting so frustrated he wants to be active so much, when really it’s all I’ve ever wanted. His giggles. The desire to climb on everything. His sweet hands trying to “high-five” the orangutan through the plexi-glass. His loud “HI” that he shouts to everyone we pass, causing them to stop, smile and say “hi” back. These special, wonderful moments. Just us.

Soon there will be another wonderful addition to our family. She’s getting bigger. Stronger. She knows our voices, including her big brother’s sweet little voice. She’s active, similar to Jack, and I know that all the burpees and pull-ups I do in CrossFit probably don’t help much. I’m excited and scared to see what she’ll be like. To meet her for the first time and experience that same rush of overwhelming love that I felt with Jack.

For now, I’m trying to savor the moments with my current baby. Letting him sleep in my bed (heaven forbid I let him cry himself to sleep), skip the nursery in church or MOPS just because he cries, “Mama, up! Up!” Then does the sign for “please.” I love him. And I know he’ll be an outstanding big brother. We’re slowly understanding “gentle” and practice it daily with P-Kiddy.

Enjoy some San Diego photos. Yep, that stupid backpack leash actually happened. I’m ashamed, but it bought us both some freedom and good laughs.







2 thoughts on “27+

  1. you are an excellent mother, I remember so fondly our favorite times, solo, just you and I in Florida, riding bikes and taking stroller walks. The weather was so beautiful, and you loved being outside. Then came Bekah, and watching you both love each other made my love grow even deeper for you both. I loved the way you two laughed together. Precious! 🙂
    Cant wait to meet sweet Elle!

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