will the real Josh Ramsey please stand up?

okay, so by now you’ve figured out that Spencer Pratt is not my husband’s real name. No, I am not actually married to the loser Spencer Pratt from the Hills. Yes, he could be my husband’s doppelgänger. Yes, he gets told this all the time in public. No, it doesn’t drive me nuts — I actually laugh every time this happens because he hates it. It’s died down quite a bit so now he groans every time I mention him in my blog as SP because, “nobody knows who he is, Hannah. he’s not famous anymore.”To which I reply, “you’ll always be famous in my heart, Spencer Pratt. You’ll always be famous in my heart.”

Now in the age of Twitter, Josh Ramsey (former alias Spencer Pratt, twitter name @joshramsey) has a new online nemesis — Josh Ramsay.

It seems this gentleman is a Canadian Rock star from a band called Mariana’s Trench. I had no idea who he is, so I had to google him. He’s your average rocker — drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll. He wrestles with the usual problems the every day individual battles with –heroin addiction, problem with bulimia, and adoring fans all over Canada. These Canadian fans are the ones cyber stalking my Josh on twitter — and it’s gotten out of control.

– “the highlight of my day was touching @joshramsey’s nipple”
– “@joshramsey you killed it tonight in toronto! amazing ❤ love you… P.s. Your hot”
– “@joshramsey is that they key to your heart in the fallout video? I’ll take it and never let go<3”

I could go on and on and on and on with random tweets from random girls who apparently cannot spell the name of their favorite celebrity, nor can they really spell in general… however, it makes for hours of endless entertainment (and i’m certain a huge ego boost for my Josh Ramsey).


this is NOT Josh Ramsey.
this is NOT Josh Ramsey, but he looks a lot like him.
THIS is Josh Ramsey

so, listen up teeny-bopper Canadian chicks. i’m okay with you tweeting ridiculous things to my husband. you live very far away (too far away for me to beat the crap out of), and you don’t sound incredibly intelligent on Twitter, so you’re not an immediate threat. Plus, I think he enjoys the idea of being hailed as a Canadian rock star.

The real Josh Ramsey enjoys a fine cigar and glass of scotch. He spends his time brainstorming crazy, hair-brained ideas to take over the world and save humanity. He loves to run for long periods of time and travel the world so he can run there as well. He works hard and doesn’t get much credit for how amazing his he, but he too, deserves a fan base for his level of supreme excellence.

So, tweet on, awful tweeters. However, you do need to learn how the crap to spell your favorite celebrity’s name. i mean, i could not only spell the first, middle, and last name of my teenage high celebrity crush, but could also tell you where he lived and what he was doing at that exact moment in time (not really, but I wish). Let’s get real, cyber-stalkers, you aren’t bringing your A-game. Bully for both of the Josh’s. Meaningless flattery for one, and avoidance of crazy stalkers for the other. Win-Win.

In other news, Jack is growing hair and I couldn’t be more proud.

also, NOT Josh Ramsey, but a product of him.



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