this is the face of a grumpy hannah.

So, I hate remodeling. I mean, I HATE remodeling things.  It makes me anxious and cranky to have crap lying around my house with unfinished projects left on the to-do list. I really wish I could channel my inner Samantha from Bewitched and wiggle my nose just right and BAM- hard wood floors installed.  Alas, my handy-dandy husband decides that it’s a great “bonding” experience for us to choose floors together, re-arrange stuff together, teach me to do things I’ll never ever have to do in REAL life. (Also, i hate Home Depot & Lowes with a passion deep in my soul. They suck my will to live. I feel like a five year old being dragged grocery shopping. Just sedate me and push me around in the cart if you want me to go so bad, spencer!)

SP: “Hannah, you should really learn to do this. You might need to do this on your own someday. It would help you be an independent woman.”
me: “Psh. if I ever do need to do this I’ll just bat my eyelashes and swish my hair and pray some man comes running to do it for me. I mean, seriously, that’s what boys are for right? Building stuff for you while you just stand there and look good while showering them with praise.”

haha. So, SP finds a leak in our shower (well, I actually found it while I was showering. Yelled at him to come investigate. And he ruined my shower while busting a huge hole in my wall.) and thus begins the bathroom project. Now that bathroom project is done, we realized our carpet looks like multiple dead bodies have been mutilated and dragged through the house & decided there’s no time like the present to put in hard wood floors. oh yippee skippee.

before total destruction.
after the rebuilding of the temple.

so now, i’m in half-done hallway land praying to Jesus that He’ll mercifully take me in my sleep or send me handy-man angels or powers of Bewitched and the house will magically finish itself.

unfortunately, lala-land only lasts so long until reality sets back in and i realize i’m pretty darn lucky to have someone who even knows what a nail gun is or how to properly use it without nailing his own hand to something (had a patient do this last week, folks). so, keep doing it yourself, my man. and i’ll keep lavishing you with affection and praying that some day you’ll get this out of your system and my house will be peacefully project free. until them, you better submit your stuff to HGTV so I at least get a reality tv show deal out of my misery!


p.s. here is a sneak peak of our new floors:

don't judge us, we're a work in progress.

3 thoughts on “h-e-doublehockeysticks.

  1. Love the snow falling on your grumpy face !! You are blessed to have a husband that loves projects. My dad used to move walls and re-construct rooms in a weekend, and it was always an adventure. I love the smell of fresh paint, even if my husband wont let me use a paintbrush. Keep up the writing and encouraging words. xoxo mom

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